FIFA2022 World cup match

LA PIZZA 1789 SOUTH MIAMI 20% off during the matches only 2022 World cup match replay schedule


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Come to eat your favorite Pizza


La pizza 1789 on vacation right now. See you 22 July 2022. Friday.

Super Bowl 2022 – 18$ unlimited beer for each

After NFL season ever, only 2 teams are left.The Bengals and the Rams will face off in LA. Get a Pizza for Yourself or Bring the Whole Crew for a Fun Pizza Party Blow-Out! Get your unlimited beer for 18$ for each person. Make Reservation now >>

Spicy Pizza

Tomato sauce, mozzarela, sauvage, orange peppers, banana pepers and jalapenos  The price is $15.50.

Valentine’s Day

We are cooking special dinner for you! #valentinesday2021. February 14 bring your special person to the restaurant, and enjoy our menu.

Lunch Special

$8.99 dine-in and to go. Pizza Margherita + Soda or Sandwich + Soda.